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"Let Kindness Lead You..."

Can you or a woman you cherish be also harassed from her hospital bed with undiagnosed heart pain by hospital security, or even be thrown into ...jail?! because she could not get off her bed quickly enough?! instead of being helped by medical staff?! Watch this video (attn. to the short INTRO) of Rozalina Gutman, a woman-victim of heart disease, sharing her story of surviving the visit  to ER at San Francisco General Hospital in her own words...

SPEAK UP! Let's end the silence about the gruesome reality of women's heart fatalities due to gender inequality - TODAY & WITH NO DELAY!

Also, it is critical for women to  address their sensations of heart discomfort TIMELY, as well as to make their health their top priority.


We salute the prolific and exemplary support of Barbra Streisand to cardiologist Dr. Merz & their remarkable teamwork commitment to women's equality in medicine: The Barbra Streisand  Women's Heart Center for the Research & Education that has been recently established to begin long-lasting effort for  the gender-specific research on heart conditions in women.


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Despite being #1 killer of women, the women's heart cause seldom attracts the attention of media and is rarely the focus of notable fundraising campaigns. But, in today's society, women have the right to expect the equal funding for the gender-specific research on women's hearts & other medical issues in women.  BE THE CHANGE you'd like to see: help raise awareness, begin the conversation about women's hearts with friends by posting the links and sharing this info via social media.  


OUR LOGO calls to surround women's hearts with KINDNESS,  while women's heart researchers are still looking for the answers...  It symbolizes the dire need for the hospital personnel of ER & ICU, paramedics, police, firefighters for the policies to clarify the life-saving significance of EMPATHY & CONSIDERATION towards women's heart complaints, to prevent their wrongful premature discharge, even when the results of currently available & yet to be tested on women diagnostics tools are unable to sound the alarm. 

We call upon women-victims of hospital illogical cruelty

to share their hospital dismissal stories: 

"HELP HEAL HER HEART..." is the 1st line of OUR CAMPAIGN SONG that calls for the expansion of the research on women's heart. 

Sing along! to help advocate for women's heart. Our choir of many voices may no longer be dismissed! Each woman is empowered by our collectively shared cause.

Join us TODAY, and help prevent the chance for YOU, or for another woman you cherish, to become the next victim of the MISDIAGNOSED heart disease, due to the current use of untested on women tools of heart diagnostics & treatment, at the time of the heart emergencies.


"HELP    HEAL    HER    HEART  ..."

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Carry our message of advocacy, by wearing our T-SHIRT in public and carry out our message of survival for many women, who don't realize the danger they may face at ER when they may face a heart problem...

​Learn & share the lesser-known life-saving facts:


This gruesome statistical info results from the fact  that most of the available heart research data was produced from the studies on men-ONLY, while dismissing the most obvious gender-specific differences in women, negatively impacting the choices of diagnostics & cure for many women.  Instead, too many women's complaints are dismissed without evaluation attempts, despite their lethal danger.  

SPEAK UP to stop women's deaths due to the gender inequality!